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    The Best Nissans to Buy Your 2024 Graduate

    As quickly as you can say "They grow up so fast," graduation season is here once again in Chester County. Whether your loved one is graduating high school or college, it’s a time for both emotional farewells and exciting beginnings. But to reach their next chapter, the graduate in your life will need a trustworthy vehicle. Thankfully, that's where Nissan steps in.

    If you’re looking to gift your graduate with a new car, truck or SUV, there are several important factors to consider: fuel economy, storage space, technology features, and of course safety should lead your list of priorities. Whether your grad is preparing for their first semester at West Chester University or setting off on post-graduate adventures, you’ll want to do everything in your power to prepare them for what lies ahead.

    To ensure maximum peace of mind, consider gifting them a Nissan Sentra, a Kelley Blue Book-approved vehicle. If the Sentra isn’t for you, Nissan provides a plethora of affordable and practical options for teens and new drivers. Explore the all-electric Nissan Leaf, or the spacious Nissan Rogue. You’ll find them in stock throughout the Bush Auto Group family of dealerships.

    And once you find the right vehicle to get your graduate on the road, the Bush Collision Center will do its part to keep them there.

    Top Pick: The 2024 Nissan Sentra 

    Whether your graduate recently received their diploma from Ursinus College or is just preparing to set off for their first fall semester at Temple, the reliable 2024 Nissan Sentra compact sedan is here to keep the family connected with standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. By combining sporty styling and practicality, the Sentra is ideal for campuses; its fuel economy is 34 mpg combined, keeping trips to the pump minimal. Plus, classmates in need of a lift will appreciate its comfortable “zero gravity” seats.

    If safety is your chief concern, the Sentra was practically designed to assuage your fears. No fewer than 10 airbags line the cabin, and every version of the 2024 Nissan Sentra comes with SafetyShield 360. This comprehensive suite of driver assistance safety features includes:

    • Automatic emergency braking w/ pedestrian detection 
    • Rear cross-traffic alert 
    • Rear automatic braking 
    • Blind-spot warning 
    • Lane-departure warning 
    • High-beam assist 

    Other Nissan Vehicles to Consider: 

    2024 Nissan Leaf 

    Go green this semester with Nissan’s original all-electric vehicle. With a starting price under $40,000, it won't break your budget unlike some EVs. With an EPA-estimated range of 123/99 mpg, a zero-emission drive train, and minimal maintenance costs, the Leaf was designed for the environmentally conscious student who still needs a practical way to navigate campus. Furthermore, the Leaf is the recipient of an NHTSA five-star safety rating.

    2024 Nissan Rogue 

    Another vehicle boasting a five-star safety rating from NHTSA, the 2024 Nissan Rogue is perfect for the student looking to transport their entire wardrobe to campus. With ample storage space, this crossover SUV provides a powerful means of exploring all that campus life has to offer.

    2024 Nissan Kicks 

    Don’t be thrown by the 2024 Nissan Kicks’ quirky design: this subcompact SUV still provides plenty of space to haul your graduates’ belongings. With a low starting price point, a practical fuel economy, and a comfortable interior, the Kicks is a can’t-miss package for any young driver.

    The Tassel was Worth the Hassle 

    Turn your tassels. Toss your caps. Get that terrible Vitamin C song out of your system. Only then can you begin your post-graduate car buying experience with the Bush Auto Group. 

    If you're happy with your vehicle but safety concerns persist, the Bush Collision Center is here to help. We offer a multitude of collision-based services, including:

    • Detailing
    • Glass repair & replacement 
    • Refinishing
    • Towing
    • Paintless dent repair
    • Wheel services
    • Auto body repair

    Know that whatever might happen on the road, the Bush Collision Center is here to help deal with the fallout. We even handle all insurance claims, hassle-free. Simply schedule your appointment and our Body Shop will handle the rest. After all, your graduate may now be on their own but that doesn't mean they're alone.

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