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    “Our Future is EV” Nissan’s Future Sparks Excitement and Questions

    While other Japanese manufacturers side with internal combustion engines, Nissan has committed to reducing carbon emissions and ensuring the future of our planet through EVs. What could this mean for car repairs in the future? Join us as we examine Nissan's exciting announcement and what it could mean for ICEs.

    Nissan’s Commitment to Electric

    Confirmed by Nissan’s VP for Africa, Middle East, India, Europe, and Oceania regions, Nissan is reaffirming that electric is the way forward. Nissan put forward their plans toward revolutionizing more efficient electric vehicle batteries with stunning amounts of range last month, showing that the future is electric, and Nissan intends to lead the field.

    While Nissan isn’t planning on developing new internal combustion engines (ICE) for the markets mentioned above, they do plan to develop the technologies of their new e-Power hybrid systems as a “stepping stone” to full electrification. This is likely due to the continuous development of charging infrastructure around the world. Many countries continue to catch up, but other markets have led the world in electric infrastructure updates.

    These announcements may not come into effect immediately in the United States and other Western markets as there is still developing electric infrastructure, but Nissan’s efforts towards electrification worldwide seem to hint that this strategy will be coming to all markets sooner or later.

    What This Means for Internal Combustion Engines

    Nissan isn’t going to stop selling traditional gas and diesel ICE by any means. This news only means that there won’t be any new developments in improving traditional combustion engines. Nissan will likely continue to invest in more efficient hybrid and plug-in powertrains, with electric leading the focus of their research and development efforts. Nissan hasn’t confirmed when it will phase out combustion engines altogether, but they did say that it will depend on regulations and market demand from region to region. This could spell out a shakeup for collision centers and mechanics throughout the country. Working on an EV and an ICE vehicle are very different processes, from engineering to costs. Finding a knowledgeable repair center could become more difficult as ICE engines are phased out. It only takes one auto manufacturer setting a trend in fuel types and powertrains to change what your everyday shop needs to know.

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